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General Information

  • Our History
    Saint Isabel Group of Schools was established out of the dreams and concern of a mother to give early and qualitative education to children in Nigeria.
  • S.I.C.M.C
    Saint Isabel Comprehensive Model College came into being on 24th September 2007 with an enrollment of 57 pioneer students.
  • Our Motto
    Our motto is: WE LIGHT THE WAY - We throw light into the path of our students and pupils in the form of qualitative education.
  • The Alumni
    The OLD ISABELLAS – the Alumni Association of our Group of Schools was inaugurated at the College Hall on Sunday 14th July, 2013 ...

The Proprietor's Message


It is my joy and great privilege to introduce the website through which many beyond our land will read about Saint Isabel Group of Schools, a model establishment that is a product of my mummy's dreams. My mummy is a visionary police woman (retired) who turned an educationist. She is now the Chief Executive Officer and exclusive initiator of these group of schools who in her wisdom and through divine revelation saw it as expedient to join the government in the development of Nigeria's future leaders. I am the Proprietor of the College at her instance, hard work and usual love.

This funny beginning suggested the mission statement of the school thus: "Saint Isabel Comprehensive Model College aims at using a vibrant, conducive and Godly environment to bring up progressive young leaders of tomorrow who will be self-reliant and upright in all life's endeavour." This mission statement adequately describes the quality of the school because the management faithfully upholds the mission statement as our watch-word.

We thank the Almighty God and of course the formidable team of staff for the modest academic, social and moral standard that now reigns.

We also thank our stakeholders - parents and students - for the confidence reposed in us while we earnestly enjoin others to take advantage of the qualitative educational facilities which abound at Saint Isabel Group of Schools.

Our assurance is that, your comments about our gradual progress, obtainable at the website, will constitute our pride as testimony. Forward ever and backward never Saint Isabel Group of Schools!!!

Felix Femi Quadri (F.F.Q)


The Principal's Speech

News About The College


Our school has standard facilities for all academic and co-curricular activities. Our generator ensures adequate and constant supply of electricity for all our needs.


Saint Isabel Group of Schools organizes regular sporting activities for our children.


Over the years, we have won countless number of awards for both academic and sporting excellence